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Another retched revision of the annus horribilis that was; 2020 saw several attempts for us to clamber back onto our feet, all of which failed. Scratching our heads over how to continue to have an outlet to platform our favourite music, we spent the year in incubation ready to re-emerge brighter and with bushier tails than before. We have decided to start the year by looking back on all the great stuff we haven’t covered over the last 12 months. Firstly with our songs of the year, on Saturday, and now with our favourite albums of the year. Below are me and Hannah’s picks for the albums that really got us through the year that was. Below are our picks, together with Bandcamp links to support the artists that have given us something to look forward to time and time again.

U.S Girls, Heavy Light

Perennial See You Mate hero Meg Remy returns with a glossy scorcher of a record. 

Liv.e, Couldn’t Wait To Tell You...

At the apex of lo-fi RNB, jazz and soul, this delightful record teems with the throes and trappings of youth in a way like no other.

Working Men’s Club, Working Men’s Club

Hbdn Brdg wunderkids release debut full of electro-pop bombast. 

Sorry, 925

All time favourites come good on an LP that loses none of the raw grit from their mixtapes.

Still House Plants, Fast Edit

Scotch art-school group make music that sounds like an Orange Juice shreds video. Dissonant and magnificent.

Júlian Mayorga, Cuando Tengo Fiebre Veo Cabezo de un Leopardo Magnifico

Colombian-in-Spain Mayorga prompts sci-fi Cumbia daydreams. This is the most fun album of the year.

Handle, In Threes

From the ashes of DUDS rise this phenomenal project; post-punk on a 23º tilt. 

The Orielles, Disco Volador 

Spacey and jazzy, a band once simply full of promise emerge with one of the most complete and enjoyable albums of the year.

Irreversible Entanglements, Who Sent You?

Moor Mother’s jazz outfit bring some serious dinner on this free jazz romp.

Katy J Pearson, Return

Bristol’s finest unveils a Heavenly debut full of melodic delight and lyrical phantasm.  

Thank you for your patience and we’ll announce our big 2021 plans in due course.