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Premiere: vol.1 Faves Go Chi Minh share their latest whack job Trans-Human Express

Go Chi Minh have thus far performed every action of their career with the kinda malignant glee reserved for champion greyhounds and Danny Ings. From their zany infancy, they’ve blazed a trail of infantile destruction, taking in influences as varied as Devo, the Butthole Surfers, John Wayne and beyond, chewing them up and spitting something out super new. 

New song ‘Trans-Human Express’ is no exception, as the band put their own spin on a Kraftwerk classic. What a lot of people misunderstand about the seminal German outfit are that regularly their songs are full of obscenely kitsch (‘Pocket Calculator’) and a deadpan sense of humour (‘Showroom Dummies’), but Go Chi Minh get this. It’s written all over this single; check it out below. 

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