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Dose are a group from Newcastle, whom make art rock with a thick, impenetrable wall of sound. Often, the problem with dreamier, shoegazier groups is often that everything blends into one sonic blur, but, Dose are the antidote to this. There's a lot of clarity in their music, crisp guitar melodies and vocals that hover atop the miasma like a spectral overseer. Mesmeric, gripping, Opaque is their latest offering. Urbane uncertainty and a sound driven by pedalboards that look like spaceship control desks make Dose's sound the essential soundtrack to days rich in April showers.

Below, you can hear the MJ-produced Opaque, and find out more about it from Sean and Ewan from the band.

Tell me about Opaque. What inspired it?
Sean:​ Although musically the original inspiration came from messing around with a weird new pedal - Montreal Assembly’s Count to Five for anyone else as obsessed as me - Opaque began as a shift in sound for us, relying less on all-encapsulating effects and more on subtlety and precise songwriting.

What are the lyrical themes?
Ewan:​ Lyrically this release came out of a time of endless solitary evenings fixated on events that can’t be undone, evenings where you find yourself surrounded by peers but unable to socialise; a tally amongst the crowd, nothing more, nothing less. The drawn out mind numbing social anxiety - of which I can do nothing about.

You're from Newcastle, how has that sense of place shaped your music?
Sean:​ Being based in Newcastle leaves us isolated from the industry and corporate side of music in the capital. This can sometimes act as a slight detriment in terms of progression and exposure, but its forced us to be introspective and form our own sound as opposed to looking outwards and following the current trend.

Tell me about the conception of the track itself.
Sean:​ It took far longer to arrange than (our previous single) Furniture - we sent countless mixes back and forth between ourselves and MJ over the Autumn, trying to piece each individual part into its correct place and avoid the daunting blur which seemed almost impossible to steer clear of. We’re really pleased with the result and hope it shows a more experimental side to us that might not be as clearly present on our debut single.

What non-musical influences do you have?
Ewan:​ Aside from the band I'm doing a foundation year in art which has definitely influenced the direction we’ve taken with artwork and live visuals, it's also where i met our visual artist Mitchell Dilley. They have become an integral part of our shows - for me the visuals and the music form a cohesive atmosphere and is something we’d like to expand on further; we’re always working on new footage and try to keep each shows visuals unique.

What's coming up in the future for Dose?
Sean: ​We’ll be supporting Russian shoegazers Pinkshinyultrablast at The Cluny this Thursday, then on Sunday we feel very privileged to be playing the main O2 Academy stage at this year’s Hit The North Festival. There’s also plans to follow up the release of this 7’’ and head back and record some new material over the next couple of months.

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Photo credit: Amir Dehghan

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