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Dearest friends, how proud I am to announce thus; Vol. 1 of SEE YOU MATE (YEAH, SEE YOU MATE) is now available to pre-order now for 4 pounds English (free UK postage).

Vol. 1 features Goat Girl as our cover stars, as we unravel the year's best debut album. We also get to the bottom of Warmduscher's opus Whale City, which comes out in early June, and we find out what makes Madonnatron tick. Also featured are Peeping Drexels, Honkies, Go Chi Minh, Ye Nuns and The B-52's...

You can also find a gig list for London, our singles column, and reviews of all the records that have piqued our interest over the last few months; Goat Girl, Phobophobes, Parquet Courts, Chupa Cabra/NoFriendz, Melt Dunes, The Oscillation, and many more. All of this is supplemented by original artwork by our very own in-house designer H.E.W.

You can pre-order it here, or grab a copy at our launch, on May 4th at Brixton Windmill. This has been the sum of hundreds of hours of work, and for that reason we hope you will support us and buy a copy.

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"I'm a West Ham supporter... or is it Aston Villa? You can see right through me, I'm like a glass of water."
Upon discovering The Cool Greenhouse, I felt like I had discovered the very pinnacle of DIY post-punk; looked into its soul and seen the finished article. Songs that touch cloth with the 10 minute mark, often feature the same frustrated guitar riff over and over from beginning to end, whilst simply being a breeding ground for some of the strangest and most astute lyrical hot takes.

'Cardboard Man' is a classic of this genre. 6 minutes of monotone Delta 5 riffing, in a shotgun marriage with retro bleeps and bloops, whilst frontman Tom Greenhouse assembles an array of caustic cut up one liners that take cheap shots at all the morally bankrupt, devious, 'Cardboard' men (questioning too, whether he is also cardboard – I think we're all a bit cardboard, baby).

Taken from the Crap Cardboard Pet EP, out Feb 1st via Hidden Bay Records, 'Cardboa…

vol. 2 launches!!!!!

Out on Saturday, vol. 2 has finally arrived. Fully coloured, fully illustrated, it's an 84 page tour of music as you do not yet know it.

We're hosting a launch party at Brixton Windmill, as well, this Saturday. We would be delighted if you could come and share the evening with us, PVA, Legss, Water Baby and Avice Caro... tix here

Yeah, See You Mate.


That gum you like is coming back into style...

With a rather sizeable 2019 planned, we present to you the very best of 2018. This list is your last point at which to look back, rather than forward. As sure as eggs is eggs. Milk is milk. Klopp is a shit Hassenhuttl. 2018 was a year most spectacular for us, and music itself. Study below our favourite 15 albums, and prepare for... The Return.

TITLE: Now! in a Minute
ARTIST: Audiobooks
LABEL: Heavenly
IN A SENTENCE: A simply perfect statement of deranged pop; funny, catchy, with surprises up every alley; Evangeline Ling is the shamanic pop provocateur we need, and beatmaker-in-chief David Wrench is the warlock we don't deserve.

TITLE: Love is the Key to the City
ARTIST: Jockstrap
LABEL: Kaya Kaya
IN A SENTENCE: A sparkling clusterfuck of ol' Hollywood strings, PC Music sugar-rush pop and Mario Kart fantasia.

TITLE: In A Poem Unlimited
IN A SENTENCE: Velvet vocal hooks meet blistering space-funk on this wild …